Saturday, March 7, 2009

Josh got to do another Baptism this evening. It was a special night for this young lady. She is a friend of ours that we have known for a few years now. however, we dont spend much time with them. Anyways the house was abuzz with missionaries. We had 3 sets here plus a few other people. it was nice but im tired. Elijah had a pinewood derby race today up at our stake center. He took second place above all the boys in the stake. He was floating on cloud nine. Olivia is sick yet again. She cant keep her oxygen levels up. This all started with her flu and high fevers monday. Now it turned respritory. We have stake conference tomorrow, we arent going to go because of Olivia. im bummed because i was hoping to go. Not much else here in illinois. Enjoying the spring weather when we get it. The kids conferences are in a couple weeks. i will up load pics tomorrow when im not so tired.cheers to all.
Oh corina, sorry havent written, i need your phone number..

Friday, February 27, 2009

Well things have been good this week. Today was my last day with a baby that I have been struggling with. She was so difficult. I have had her since the beginning of December and I cant believe i have put up with her this long. Im not looking forward for sunday. The bishop called us the other day and he wants to meet with Josh and I. Its never good when he wants to meet both of you at the same time. its probably a calling. We just got a new bishop two weeks ago. so who knows.
Went to San Diego last week, im finally going to post more pics.
So now its out in the open because we told bev. Josh and I are looking at one year for being out in utah. I want to do one more year here for school. And do one more year of daycare because i think we will need to save up alot to get out their. We will see. Mom is really upset. She really dosent want us to move. oh well the time will come sometime. other then that the week is good. enjoy the pics.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

girls mini vacation

Alot has happened this week. For those of you that dont know, Savannah, Sophia and myself are in Sunny San Diego untill monday. We are visiting a good friend of mine. She decided to Fly me out here for my birthday. We have had such a great time. Yesterday we went to Seaworld for the day. Today we went to the San Diego Temple, La Jolla (la-hoya) beach. We went to Old Town for dinner. And now back at the hotel. Tomorrow we will be going back to the beach, we did not get to spend to much time their today because alot of our time was spent on temple grounds. We then will be going on a harbor cruise in the afternoon to watch the sun set. Then back to the hotel for more swimming. i am posting some pictures. More will come. I already have a tan going. I told josh its my pretan getting me prepared for our big cruise in April. We have had lots of fun, but im missing josh and the other lil ones alot. I talk to them several times a day.

Monday, January 19, 2009

here are a few recent pics i took of Sophia and a few from blueman group

its been awhile

wow its been some time since I have blogged. Life has been crazy busy with this daycare. I have been watching my best friends kids on top of all the daycare kids because my best friend found out two days after I had Sophia that she has Lymphoma Cancer. Lucky for her though today is a special day. Today is her last Chemo treatment and she is in remission. The doc says she is as healthy as any oncologist will tell a cancer patient.
Sophia is doing well growing like a weed. she talks all the time its so tiring sometimes. Olivia just got out of the hospital she was in for pneumonia it took her 5 long days to get out. it was a heck of a week from going to the hospital doing daycare and sleeping. Savannah luckily hasn't gotten sick yet. Sophia just got over RSV as well. See like i said crazy busy. Josh and I just went to see Blue man Group on Sat.. i will post pics soon.josh was sooo excited. this was his christmas gift from me. The kids are home from school today and driving me nuts. other then that not much going on here!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Chicago Air and Water show 2008

We went to the Chicago Air and Water Show today, we got a chance to see the Blue Angels. They were awesome, Elijah really enjoyed the show while Olivia covered her ears the whole time. She is really sensitive to sound. Anyways we thought it would be fun to do something with the kids before I start back at work on monday. We were already down in the city because the girls had another check up at childrens, So we thought why not. It actually ended up being free for everything which worked out even better. anyways here are the pics from our fun day.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

welcome Sophia Joy Both

It is finally time to announce the arrival of our newest addition.
Sophia Joy Both
Born on August 1st, 2008
Weighed 7 pounds 7 oz
Height 20 inches.
arrival time 8 13am
She came into the world screaming and wanting to suck on anything. She is smaller then the other girls which came as a shock because she stayed in the longest. She is doing well here at home. She is nursing like a pro. She has a set of lungs on her, you can hear her from anywhere in the house. Enjoy the pics more will come.